Welcome to our Origins Forums! The Forums for all our sister sites will be here. We hope for some lively discussions from our members!

Our goal is not to convert anyone to a certain belief or beliefs, but rather to promote the openness of ideas, whereby an individual can then decide for themselves what is most true in their own minds.

Forcing someone to take our/your point of view only leads to anger, resentment, and arguments, which do not help us to see all the opinions available and choose for ourselves what we will believe OR not believe.

Personally, what I choose to do is use ‘common sense’. I try and use my best judgement on what I feel are the best theories, scientific knowledge, facts (a term I use loosely, since facts can be different for different people), and that secret inner voice that tells me I know something is in fact, true.

Inevitably, Science will be brought up as a defense for one side or another. Please use good sources of information to back up claims, instead of something like “most scientists believe in evolution”. Proof, although sometimes hard to come by should be corroborated by accepted theories or accepted facts.

Thanks, and let’s get to it!